Opto-Tetrode System


This Opto-Tetrode system enables neural recording during in-vivo optogenetic experiment. The OPTetrode consists of an optic fiber and a tetrode, bundled

together for making one integrated probe. OPTetrode has a connector for Teleopto receiver and another connector for head amplifier. Our 4ch head amplifier consists of extremely light body (0.3g) and thin cable, so in conbination with the Teleopto 1g receiver the total weight is still under 2g. Perfect for mice.

Model: OPTetrode-sys


  • OPTR-c-l OPTetrode, 3 pcs
  • Teleopto-set Teleopto standard set
  • HAS-4 4ch Head Amplifier System(includes 1x main amp and 1x head amp)
  • SL-OPTR Commutator for OPTetrode

* Data Recorder is optional.


model: OPTR-c-l

*c: color B/G/Y/R, I: length in mm

Bundled probe consisting of ?250um fiber and 4x ?50um stainless wires.

4ch Head Amplifier System

model: HAS-4

Switching Module

model: SM-4


model: TR-I

*I: length in mm

4x ?50um stainless wires.

Implantable without a guide tube.

Q trode

Silicon probe from NeuroNexus.

Mates via male-male header.

4ch Head Amplifier

model: HAS-4-HEAD

Extra light, 0.3g

*included in HAS-4


The switching head should be put in between head amplifier and electrode.

It can shut the amplifier line and connect a constant current source via BNC.
Suitable for electrolytic lesioning.

4ch Head Amplifier System


This HAS-4 head amplifier system can amplify up to 4 channel of neural signals (spikes, LFP, EEG) or EMG signal from animals. It consists of a head amplifier and a main amplifier. The head amplifier has gain 1x enabling low noise recording even from high impedance electrode.

Main amplifier has variable gain / high pass / low pass filter enabling flexible control for each experiment design, and flexible compatibility for each experimental setup.

  • Gain: 10 steps?x1.2 / x5 / x10 / x50 / x100 / x500 / x1000 / x2000 / x5000 / x10000
  • High pass 10 steps ?0.1Hz / 1Hz / 3Hz / 5Hz / 10Hz / 30Hz / 50Hz / 100Hz / 200Hz / 300Hz
  • Low pass 10 steps?30Hz / 50Hz / 100Hz / 300Hz / 500Hz / 1000Hz / 2000Hz / 3000Hz / 4000Hz / 7000Hz
  • 4ch single-end input / 3ch input - 1ch reference, differential

HAS4-HEAD 4ch Head Amplifier

  • Extra light weight, 0.3g
  • Gain: x1 (Voltage follower)
  • Single-end 4ch (If you select 'Enable' in 'CH4 REF' in the main amplifier, it goes in differential mode with CH1~3 + / CH4 -
  • Cable length customizable (1m by default)
  • Commutator option




HAS4-MAIN 4ch Main Amplifier

  • Power supply for head amp / amplification / filtering
  • Low noise DC power source
  • Output: 4x BNC

Input Connector

  • Standard 1.27mm pitch, round pin, female
  • The pin arrangement is compatible with the Q-trode from NeuroNexus. Note: you need to put a male pin header (HAS-4-CON-R) in between our head amplifier and Q-trode.

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model: HAS-4, HAS-4-HEAD, HAS-4-MAIN, HAS-4-CON-R