Teleopto 4

4ch Teleopto model: Teleopto-4

Teleopto-4 is newly designed wireless optogenetics platform

utilizing 2.4GHz RF. The receiver is capable of controlling

4ch optogenetic stimulation independently, whereas the size

and weight are comparable to our regular Teleopto receivers.

PC software defines stimulation parameters which are sent

to the receiver via a transmitter box connected to the PC by

USB. You can trigger the stimulation by softwere, 4 trigger

buttons or 4 trigger in BNCs on the transmitter box.

The typical application of this device is for controlling bilateral

two color stimulation in completely independent manner.

However, we can provide any probe / cannula holding 4 LED

sources on request.



Weight: 3g

Size: 18 x 20 x 8mm

Transmitter box

Transmitter box


Quad LED probe

model: TeleLPQ

* contact us for detailed probe / cannula specifications.

Bilateral two color LED cannula  model: TeleLCDT

Bilateral two color LED cannula

model: TeleLCDT

Teleopto 4 Software

Teleopto 4 Software