Teleopto LD

Teleopto LD

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Long Distance Teleopto

TeleoptoLD is developed by the demand of stable, long-distance transmission of optogenetic stimulation signal. For example, if you want to stimulate middle-large animal like marmoset and macaque monkey freely behaving in their large cage, the TeleoptoLD would be a perfect option. The following stimulation parameters are defined, sent to the headstage and trigger the stimulation by the TeleoptoLD software - initial delay (Delay), pulse width (Width), puse interval (Intvl), number of pulses (N.pls), repeat interval (, number of repeat (N.rep) and light power (Ampl.). As well as the regular Teleopto, stimulation can be triggered by the push switch and also, sending TTL pulse to the Trg-in BNC. All the LED cannula used in the regular Teleopto is compatible with TeleoptoLD. It has 2 channel output, so you can independently stimulate left and right hemispere using Bilateral LED cannula or control both blue excitation and yellow inhibition by Two Color Cannula.

- Stable long-distance transmission

- All parameters including light power can be sent wirelessly

- Compatible with all Teleopto LED cannulas

- Independent 2 channel

TeleoptoLD-set contents:

TeleoptoLDRV 1x TeleoptoLD Receiver

TeleoptoLDTM 1x TeleoptoLD Transmitter

TeleCharger 1x Teleopto Charger

TeleTool 1x Insertion Tool

TeleDummy 1x Dummy Receiver

3x any Teleopto cannula

1x TeleoptoLD Software

TeleoptoLD Software

Model Descriptions
TeleoptoLD-set TeleoptoLD Standard Set
TeleoptoLDRV TeleoptoLD Receiver
TeleoptoLDTM TeleoptoLD Tramsmitter